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Quiénes Somos

Gaston SAVES (Seguridad, Concientización,Apoyo Vital de Emergencia) promueve la seguridad y la educación de la comunidad para las poblaciones en riesgo en todo el condado de Gaston.

La Seguridad

Brindamos recursos y orientación para que los miembros de la comunidad reciban atención, refugio y esperanza de manera adecuada antes, durante y después de una emergencia.


Alentamos y empoderamos a cada segmento de nuestra comunidad, desde individuos hasta empresas, con la información necesaria que necesitan para prepararse para los impactos de futuros desastres.

Soporte De Emergencia Vital

Trabajamos con socios locales y miembros de la comunidad en todos los niveles para fortalecer las asociaciones y acceder a nuevas fuentes para satisfacer rápidamente las necesidades de situaciones de emergencia.

Nuestra Misión

El objetivo final de Gaston SAVES es salvar vidas proporcionando orientación, información y acceso rápido a recursos vitales para los residentes del condado de Gaston sobre problemas críticos de salud y seguridad. Nuestro compromiso es desarrollar la defensa de la comunidad en el condado de Gaston en temas de amplio impacto.

Nuestros Valores

Gaston SAVES se dedica a servir a la comunidad antes, durante y después de las emergencias para fomentar la defensa comunitaria. Esperamos convertir nuestra compasión y compromiso en acciones que salven vidas.

Muéstranos Cómo Nos Ponemos La Máscara

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We are proud to introduce Gaston SAVES. The ultimate goal of Gaston SAVES is to save lives and reduce the impact of conflicts and natural disasters by providing guidance, information, and quick access to vital resources for Gaston County residents in times of emergency. Our commitment is to build community advocacy in Gaston County during any emergency situation. 

The first initiative is Mask Together -- a public education campaign that aspires to slow and reduce the spread of COVID-19 and save lives in Gaston County by advocating the use of face masks in public spaces. You’ll see more about this soon… stay tuned. #GastonSaves #MaskTogetherGC #gastoncounty
When the green room / holding is your car!  Blessed to have taylorgrace_xo kevin.e.murray behind the scenes. Thankful for continuous bookings & safe sets! #GastonSaves #MaskTogetherGC #wearamask #transformationtuesday
#repost gastoncountygov. Thanks much havencreative elevenmassmedia karen_boles for including me in this local campaign! #GastonSaves #MaskTogetherGC #wearamask #havencreative #mondaymotivation
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It goes without saying that I'm proud of all we do at HavenCreative, but #GastonSaves has been an awesome project. Our first initiative was #MaskTogeatherGC. See how it all came together in our blog! 
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Get used to that #masklife. Experts say might be masking up into 2022, with them coming back when there are community flares of the virus.
The CDC also says we should still practice social distancing and good hand-washing, even after getting both doses of the vaccine.
#gastonsaves #maskupNC #countonmeclt
Today is the big day! We’re excited to bring the gastoncountygov #GastonSaves campaign to life. The first initiative #MaskTogetherGC has an important message that we take seriously. Make sure you check out the campaign and visit the newly launched website
The Gaston billboards are up! It's that feeling you get when your parents put your art on the fridge as a kid, only bigger. We are thrilled to share the work we recently launched for #GastonSaves with #MaskTogetherGC as our first initiative. Learn more about the strategic campaign from the link in our bio!  #havencreative #havenmavens #communitybranding #teamteal
Our family, friends, and businesses are seeing the impacts of COVID-19. We've heard so many personal stories and want to start sharing why they choose to play it safe this holiday season with you. 

Rev. Darial A. Jackson with St. John's Missionary Baptist Church-Gastonia says his church has been closed since the beginning of March. They will continue with virtual service because right now it's too risky. 

Rev. Jackson said, "We can beat this but we need to be proactive. Wear your mask and wash your hands."

#GastonSaves #MaskTogetherGC
Our family, friends, and businesses are seeing the impacts of COVID-19. We've heard so many personal stories and want to start sharing why they choose to play it safe this holiday season with you. 

Gaston County resident Richard Wright tested positive for COVID-19 3 months ago and spent six days in the ICU.  He is home now and improving but is still experiencing lung issues and has not been cleared to return to work.

His family is asking the community to take COVID-19 seriously. Richard’s wife Ellen says, “He is young, healthy, and in great shape. We never thought it would affect him this way.  This could literally happen to anyone. You never know who will be severely impacted by this virus.  It could be you, your spouse, child, friend, neighbor, co-worker, church member- who knows?  Playing it safe is not only beneficial to your health but also your loved ones and those around you.” 

#MaskTogetherGC #GastonSaves
Indoor holiday plans? Have you thought about this: 

#GastonSaves #MaskTogetherGC
There are 224,529 reasons to #maskup in Gaston County.
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You can now pick up your books and grab your free pack of face masks all at once! 

Check out your library materials and pick up your mask packs at library locations offering Curbside Service, Monday through Friday between 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.  #MaskTogetherGC #GastonSAVES
What are you doing this holiday weekend? We’ve put together an easy guide we’re calling our #maskmeter.  Here are some of the activities we consider a risk level TEN:
•Bars & nightclubs
•Attending a worship service at full capacity
•Attending an indoor music concert
•Going to a large sporting event

Remember: It's important that you wear a mask anytime you are around others outside of your household members. To see the entire Mask Meter, check out the link in our bio. #GastonSaves #MaskTogetherGC #gastoncounty
We are doing our part to make sure we can work for our client's as safely as possible during this strange year. So remember to #MaskTogetherGC to help keep it safe as well! #GastonSaves
It's #MaskMonday! We see you @missgastonia_nc. 

COVID-19 doesn't take a holiday. Stay safe this Halloween. #GastonSaves #MaskTogetherGC
"I wear a mask for my friends!" Tell us why you wear a mask in the comments: #GastonSaves #MaskTogetherGC
Play it safe this holiday season! 

#GastonSaves #MaskTogetherGC
Have you had a chance to check out our latest project? The #GastonSaves #MaskTogetherGC campaign is something we are really proud to bring to life. Check out the new website now at #havencreative #havenmavens  #communitybranding #teamteal #GastonSaves #MaskTogetherGC
Filming in progress. It's almost time to show you what's happening behind that sign. Stay tuned! 

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