COVID-19 Dashboard

This dashboard contains information on confirmed cases of COVID-19.  Here are some things you should know:

  • The daily case count is based upon the date of specimen collection, and not the date the information was received by the local health department.
  • The “Hospitalized” count is the total number of cases from CaroMont Health and Gaston County residents who have been admitted to Atrium Health Care, including Levine Children’s Hospital. The ventilator count is from CaroMont only.
  • The Percent of Positive cases is based upon an average of the past two weeks.
  • Case Records can be missing demographic data and the percentages shown for Age, Race/Ethnicity and Gender are based upon the total number of records with the relevant information.

Data is constantly being reviewed and cleaned up resulting in minor discrepancies between data here and the state site.

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